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Computer Vignanam

Clipart of a computer; Actual size=146 pixels wide

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce COMPUTER VIGNANAM, the first and foremost Telugu Computer Magazine, which has become the medium of Telugu Computer Literates over the last 10 years.

Why a Magazine in Telugu?
As all of you are aware, Computers have become a part of everyday life in our society. Earlier we used to see computer usage only in Metros, whereas now the computerization has seeped into the smaller towns and even villages. Lot of computer vendors, institutes and ofcourse the number of computer users is increasing exponentially in these areas. Not only the people who can’t understand English, but we, English literates also feel comfortable to read, talk and understand things in our own language. Considering these factors, this magazine has been started 5 years ago to impact computer knowledge to Telugu People and to update them on the Technology, Products and Happenings in the IT Industry across the State, Nation and the World. Our magazine has grown to this stage because we are able to address this core issue.

10 Years of Saga
By understanding the necessity of a Computer Magazine in Telugu, this magazine was started by a group of young entrepreneurs from IT and Media fields. Started in August 1997, the magazine is growing everyday in terms of content and in terms of popularity in Telugu community. Started with an aim to impact basic knowledge of computers to Telugu people, now it has become a platform to discuss latest Trends and technologies in computers. Apart from the Technology Articles which are acclaimed as some of the best by our readers, the hands on training on Popular Software, Workshops on using Computers, News, New products, Interviews with Popular IT Personalities, Special Internet section make this a complete IT magazine. Since 1999, we are releasing special issues bundled with C.Ds., containing lots of Sharewares, Freeware Utilities and Trail Versions of Application Software available in local market, which make these issues a craze among the readers.

Now with a Circulation of above 25,000 copies per month, the magazine has reached nook and corner of A.P. and the border districts of neighboring States. Though most of the copies are circulated in and around the state, there are quite a good number of readers all over India and across the world who add value to the magazine.

Advertising in the magazine
With the vast Circulation in A.P. especially in up-country market and with a readership of approximately 8 per copy, an Advertisement in this magazine can spread your message to the vast community of IT Literates of the state. Unlike the regular magazines, the demand for old issues of our magazine is very high which in turn give more life to the Advertisements. The cross section of our readership which includes Homes, Colleges, Training Institutes, IT Vendors, Libraries and Corporate Houses.

As the business dynamics are changing, the industry is looking for new avenues of business and for this reason everyone is moving beyond Metros and concentrating on the SOHO segment. As our strengths lay here, the best way to reach maximum number of It people in A.P. is through advertising in our magazine. Elite companies like APCOM, APTECH, CDAC, D-LINK, EPSON, HP, JETKING, TVSE, WINGS, WIPRO are among our clients who advertised in our magazine, which you may also consider. We assure you good value for the money being spent on the Advertisement and we are open for any other promotional plans that are beneficial to you and to our readers.

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